How to hide username and password fields in the WordPress login form

Sometimes on your WordPress site, you don’t want to have the default login form anymore. You might want your users to log in with social login or an external identity provider. In that case, you need to remove the username…

How to deploy Owncloud on Linux Server with docker

Owncloud is a set of collaboratory tools that allow users to store their files, share them and easily collaborate on the same data. It’s an open-source project, so you can download and deploy it on your server without paying anything….

A Quick Overview Of Parallel Programming: OpenMP Vs MPI

The HPC (high-performance computing) system combines the computational power of computer nodes to provide more combined power. It derives its computational power by exploiting parallelism using OpenMP, MPI, or hybrid MPI + OpenMP.  1) Why parallelism?  There are two main…

Aws-sdk, React-Native and JavaScript heap out of memory

When I try to use aws-sdk in React-Native app, I faced to JavaScript heap out of memory when trying to run my application. I passed almost five days searching over the internet to find a solution to my problem. I remarked that this problem was general and most people have it.

In the previous tutorial, we created all the migrations files and the corresponding model that respect our UML design. In this tutorial, we’ll only work on models by adding fillable and Eloquent relationships. The fillable attributes are the fields of…

Corpus Analysis: Topic Modeling, Sentiment, and Emotion Analysis

1. Problem statement Italo Svevo, a pioneer of the psychological novel in Italy and one of the greatest Italian novelists, wrote and received letters in multiple languages during the twentieth century. The letters were recorded and stored in a database….

Analyze the performance of dense matrix transposition: Row-major and column-major access in C++

In this study, we will investigate the performance and efficient of the transpose matrix using row-majors and column-majors access. Matrix Transpose performance The following code helps to compute the matrix transpose of n x n matrix B=A^T. I interchanged the…

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